Advantages of Global and International Funds

In the last post I gave a brief summary of what a Global/International stock fund is. It's important to understand the advantages and risks with these funds, in this post I'll tell you the advantages of these funds. These funds are a great way to add diversification to your investment portfolio. These funds usually own …

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International and Global Stock Funds

What are International and Global Stock Funds? Like all mutual funds, an international and global stock fund could potentially invest in a large number securities, giving a cost-efficient way to own shares in many companies. The difference with an International stock fund is that instead of focusing on U.S. companies the stock fund focuses on …

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What is the International Market?

       International marketing is pretty simple to wrap your head around. The international markets consists of firms who willingly export products overseas to different nations for profit. At the most complex level of this, firms set up their own  establishments in the nation they prefer to trade with. Take McDonald’s™ for example, they …

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