Hedge Funds

Like mutual funds, hedge funds pool money from investors looking to gain positive returns from securities. Hedge funds, however, are not regulated as heavily, allowing more freedom to pursue securities with higher risk of investment loss. Hedge funds are only limited to wealthier investors to afford high fees and could take a loss from hedge …

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Mutual Fund

  Today I’ll be talking about Mutual Funds. A mutual fund is an investment vehicle-a product used to gain positive returns-made from a pool of investors pulled from multiple investors looking to invest in securities like bonds, stocks, and other similar assets. These funds are operated by money managers who attempt to produce capital gains …

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All About the Gold Standard!

    The gold standard was a commitment by countries to fix the prices of their domestic currencies in terms of a certain amount of gold. The gold standard converts the standard currency system into gold at a fixed price. The first time this was used was when England adopted a de facto gold standard …

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